The Council

The Council shall be responsible for the

  • Formulation of Policies and Supervision of the implementation of the Policies;
  • Mobilization, control and supervision of the finances and estates of the College;
  • Admission of Fellows and Members of the College; and
  • Recommendation of a member in good standing to be admitted as a Fellow.

The Council is the highest or apex decision making body of the College. The composition of the Council comprises:

  • The Chairperson;
  • The President of the College;
  • The Rector of the College;
  • Two Vice Presidents of the College;

One representative of:

  • The Ministry of Health not below the rank of Director;
  • The Deans of Medical and Dental Schools;
  • The Medical and Dental Professions;
  • Chief Executives of Teaching Hospitals;
  • The Medical and Dental Council;
  • A representative of the Attorney-General not below the level of Principal Sate Attorney;
  • A Resident elected by Residents; and
  • One eminent person nominated by the president of the Republic