Academic Board



The Academic Board shall among other things,


  • Organize and control courses of study and Examinations held in connection with those coursed;
  • Make bye-laws, rules and standing orders for the conduct of the business of the College, including election to the Council;
  • Determine the criteria for the Admission of Fellows, Members and Associate Members to the College;
  • Approve a structure of operation that will enable the College to discharge its functions;
  • Prescribe Standards and Training Programmes for Specialists;
  • Approves Court of Examiners to conduct appropriate Specialists Examinations and make recommendations to the Council on the basis of the results of the examinations, for Award of Diplomas, Membership or Fellowship of the College;
  • Approve Examiners and alternates, Examinations Fees and Allowances payable to Examiners and other persons connected with the conduct of Examinations;
  • Determine the areas in Medicine and Surgery that require special attention;
  • Harmonise, where necessary, the Standards, Training Programmes and syllabuses for Specialist Education of the College and other appropriate Bodies duly recognised by the College;
  • Process and give Accreditation to Training Centres throughout the Country for the Training of Specialists;
  • Recommend for appointment the Teachers and Trainers of the various Faculties; and
  • Determine and review from time to time, the Annual fee payable by Fellows, Members and Associate-Members of the College.


 Academic Board Members

Professor Anyetei T. Lassey                     –             President

Professor Jacob Plange-Rhule                  –             Rector

Dr.  Moses Adibo                                         –             Vice President, Physicians

Dr. John Nkrumah Mills                            –             Vice President, Surgeons

Professor Joseph D. Seffah                        –             Editor

Professor Henry Baddoo                            –             Faculty of Anaesthesia

Dr. Michael Yeboah-Agyapong                 –             Faculty of Dental Surgery

Dr. George Oduro                                       –              Faculty of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Kwasi Hanson                                        –              Faculty of Family Medicine

Dr. Audrey Forson                                      –              Faculty of Internal Medicine

Professor Ivy Ekem                                    –              Faculty of Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Robert Kwame-Aryee                          –              Faculty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Stephen K. Akafo                                  –              Faculty of Ophthalmology

Professor Emmanuel D. Kitcher               –              Faculty of Otorhinolaryngology

Professor Emmanuel Addo-Yobo             –              Faculty of Paediatrics/Child Heath

Professor Joseph B. Asare                         –              Faculty of Psychiatry

Dr. Nana Enyimayew                                 –              Faculty of Public Health

Dr. Verna Vanderpuye                               –              Faculty of Radiology, Oncology & Radiation Therapy

Professor Samuel A. Debrah                     –              Faculty of Surgery

Professor Kobinah Nkyekyer                   –              College Chief Examiner