Paediatric Fracture Solutions for Ghana Project

Deadline for submission: 21st August, 2017 (12.00 GMT)

Announcement of successful grants: 4 weeks after submission deadline

Morbidity, mortality and disability from paediatric musculoskeletal trauma is on the rise. This is attributed to improper initial care for injuries, lack of trained paediatric trauma surgeons and other caregivers as well as inadequate centres to manage paediatric trauma/fractures.

There is the need to reduce morbidity and disability from paediatric trauma through prevention education and better pre-hospital trauma management in children provided by doctors, nurses, allied healthcare workers, first interveners and primary caregivers. Traditional bonesetters and medical providers at various levels of care referral, from the community to tertiary-care trauma centres also need to be educated on appropriate fracture care.

The lack of comprehensive local data and research findings on all aspects of trauma and injuries in children has compounded the problem. To address these issues, Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons through the Paediatric Fracture Solutions for Ghana Project, funded by the AO Alliance Foundation, is offering to provide funding for 3 Regular Awards and 5 Early Career Awards for research in the areas of paediatric trauma and injuries.

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For more information, please contact the project coordinator via or call Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons on 0243690073 extension 117.