Constituent Divisions

Constituent Division

The College is made up of two Divisions: The Division of Physicians and the Division of Surgeons. Each Division is headed by a Vice-President of the College. The affairs of the Division is run through a Divisional Board.

Divisional Boards
Each Division has a Divisional Board which is responsible for the overall organisation and supervision of the affairs of the Division and regulates its own proceedings.

Composition of a Divisional Board

  • The Vice-President of the Division as its head.

  • The Vice-Rector of the Division, who also acts as the Secretary to the Board

  • The Assistant Secretary of the Division

  • The Chairpersons and Secretaries of the Faculties in the Division

Faculty Board
Each Faculty has a Faculty Board consisting of the Chairperson, and a minimum of six Fellows who are members of the Faculty. Out of the six Fellows, one is elected as the Secretary of the Faculty Board. The Chairperson and other members of the Faculty Board are elected by the Fellows who belong to the Faculty every two (2) years.

Duties of Faculty Board

  • Developing, promoting and implementing the academic programmes of the Faculty

  • Nominating Examiners for approval by the Academic Board.