Fellowship By Election(Criteria and Form)


The following guidelines shall apply:
1. The applicant must possess a Fellowship or its equivalent of another College recognized by the Ghana College of Physician and Surgeons. Other recognized postgraduate qualifications will be assessed on their merits.
2. The applicant must have held this Fellowship or its equivalent for at least three (3) years.
3. The applicant must show evidence of teaching or training in the Faculty in which s/he is applying
4. The applicant should be proposed by two Fellows of the College from the Faculty he/she wishes to join and be supported by another Fellow of the College. All Fellows should be of good standing, and will issue recommendations in writing.
5. The applicant should fill in the official application form, provide full curriculum vitae, with a list of publications (*1), and, in addition, supply certified true copies of the relevant certificates/diplomas. These documents must be forwarded to the Rector. The Rector will send them to the relevant Faculty Committee for evaluation. The Faculty Committee meets at least twice a year, in May and December, to consider applications.
6. The applicant will be expected to give an undertaking to abide by the tenets of the College Pledge (*2), Code of Ethics of the College, and to pay the annual College Fees in order to remain a Fellow of the College.
7. The final approval for admission into the College as a Fellow is granted by the Council of the College
8. The Academic Board may, at any time, modify the requirements for Fellowship.
9. All requirements must be met, and only fully completed applications forms will be processed.
10. Requirements for referees are enclosed

(*1) The applicant should have at least one (1) publication in a peer review journal. The publication should be attached to the completed application form.
(*2) After becoming a Fellow you are expected to take active part in College activities. If after three (3) years there is no evidence of such activity, the College may be constrained to delete your name from the list of Fellows.


The College appreciates the contribution of referees in the process of electing new fellows of the College. But referees are informed that it is a requirement that the referees are fellows of the College in good standing with the College.
It is suggested that referees satisfy themselves that the candidates they are refereeing meet the Criteria for Fellowship by Election, enclosed with the application forms, which the candidate could make available to them for their study.
“Generally, the assessment will take into consideration personal integrity, high competence in the medical and dental profession, professional accomplishments, demonstrated scholarship and contribution to improvement in health delivery and society”.

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